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The Ninth Counselor Salon Held in Chang’an University

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On the morning of December 7th, the ninth Counselor Salon of Chang’an University was held in the group counseling room of the Psychological Counseling Center. The salon was presided over by Zhao Jianbin, deputy minister of the Student Affairs Department. The 2018 new recruited counselors and “1+3” project counselors attended the salon.This attendees exchanged ideas, discussed issues and shared results around the freshmen education project.

Zhao Jianbin, deputy minister of the Student Affairs Department, spoke at the salon. He said that the freshmen education project would be the basic project for talent training and the starting point for undergraduate education. The Freshmen Education Project was launched in the year of 2003. It is officially established in 2008 and its new outline was formulated in 2011. After more than ten years of hard work, the freshmen education project has become a comprehensive and systematic project including six modules. Zhao hoped that the newly recruited counselors would be able to understand the freshmen education project, through series of freshmen education activities. He encouraged counselors to improve their daily work ability, find the right position, highlight the value and achieve better development in their daily work.

The salon was led by Zhu Xianqian, from the Student Affairs Department, Liu Fei, from the School of Construction Machinery, Xu Ying, from the School of Economics and Management, and Liu Tianyu, from the School of Information Engineering. Zhu introduced the freshmen education project of our university and shared his own experience. Liu gave a detailed explanation of the Three Consciousness of the freshmen education project with actual cases of her college. Xu talked about the party building and other aspects in detail. Liu mentioned the specific theory and practice of freshmen education project construction. The other counselors exchanged ideas and had deeper understanding of the freshmen education project.

The Counselor Salon acts as a platform for regular communication, established by the university to enhance the professional ability of the counselors. It helps counselors to sum up experience, exchange ideas, discuss problems and share results.

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